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Manage your business and propel your growth to the next level with Sage 200 for Wholesale – now connected to Microsoft 365 and Sage CRM. Part of Sage Business Cloud.

Sage 200 Professional

For Manufacturers

Sage 200 Bill of Materials (BOM) and Manufacturing modules allow you to choose what’s best for your company, whether you have simple or sophisticated manufacturing needs.

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The bigger your business grows, the more complex it is to manage the back-end processes. If you’re still using software designed for a smaller business, it can:

  • Limit your financial visibility
  • Slow down your decision making
  • Increase your workload

Don’t let your current system hold you back!

The perks of proactive traceability

Proactive Traceability, the key to superior Business Advantage

There’s a lot at stake for process manufacturers who work in high-pressure, high-risk business environments marked by thin profit margins, shifting costs, escalating customer demands, and waste and hazardous product control.

Proactive Traceability

Instant Access to Core Information

Cloud connected Business Solution

Sage 200 ERP Software helps you manage your finances, customers and business insight in one solution.

*available to access from your home office

Sage 200 accounts grow revenues

Grow Revenues

With instant access to business intelligence data, you can finally focus on Growing Your Business Revenues.

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Finances Management
  • Accurate and up-to-the-minute finances
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Fast track your financials
  • Flexible accounting periods
  • Flexible nominal code structure
  • Batch data upload
  • Nominal Ledger
  • VAT flexibility
  • Automated statements
  • Invoicing
  • Detailed reporting
  • Manage your cash flow
  • Bank reconciliation
Sage 200 ERP system the best provider

Reduce Costs

With a sophisticated stock management system, you can control every aspect of your supply chain Reducing Costs!

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Supply Chain Management
  • View of the order’s full story
  • Global product sourcing
  • Authorisation limits and alerts
  • Compliance of order lists
  • Online Calculation of running totals
  • Recording disputes
  • Quick access to stock record details
  • Control of stock items
  • Effective Suppliers Management
  • Recording historical data
  • Multiple Locations Management
  • Stock Tracking
  • Shipment Time Reduction
grow profitability sage 200

Increase Profitability

Increase Profitability by delivering items on time and budget while managing cash flow throughout the manufacturing & delivery process!

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Bill of Materials
  • View of the order’s full story
  • Global product sourcing
  • Authorisation limits and alerts
  • Compliance of order lists
  • Online Calculation of running totals
  • Recording disputes
  • Quick access to stock record details
  • Control of stock items
  • Effective Suppliers Management
  • Recording historical data
  • Multiple Locations Management
  • Stock Tracking
  • Shipment Time Reduction



Sage 200 Professional

Sage 200 Standard



Workspaces and
Connected User

Excel Reporting

Sage Salary and
Supplier Payments*

Invoice Payments

Project Accounting

Web Timesheets and Expenses (access online)

Bill of Materials


Business Intelligence

Integrated addons

Sage 200 Services

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Microsoft 365 Power
Platform Connectors

The essential financials package to manage your cashflow with the 4 key ledgers and invoicing

Stock, POP and SOP, price lists, price book and managing your supply chain

For data mining and reporting in the office or on the go. Use simple dashboards and
customisable views to find the information you need, specific to your role

Better reporting and more detailed analysis, accessible online

Manage and make supplier payments straight from your software

Integrated invoice payments that work seamlessly from within your software

For managing projects and customer/supplier relationships. View profitability and easily view costs budgets at a glance

Enter, print and authorise timesheets and expenses online. Links with Sage Payroll

For simple manufacturing processes

For complex manufacturing processes – Full Manufacturing Resource Planning solution

Powerful trend analysis and intuitive reporting. Simple to create your own reports and dashboards

There are a range of integrated add-ons available from our network of trusted developers

A whole host of benefits, giving you access to advice to help grow your business, plus two free connected users and access to a full range of Excel reports

Gain better visibility with connected CRM with Qnect

Create workflows with ease that automate business tasks and processes across
applications and services

*Salary and Supplier Payments is provided in conjunction with Modulr Finance Limited, a company registered in England with company number 09897957 and ICO Registration: ZA183068, is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as an EMD Agent of Modulr FS Limited. Modulr FS Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution (Firm Reference Number: 900573).

Product Features

Propel your Growth to the Next Level.

KPI Indicators

Sage 200 provides a number of KPI (key performance indicators) in the form of visual dashboards.

Quickly see how your sales team are performing, who are your top customers and who are your worst paying customers. The dashboards also provide insights into your stock levels, slow moving stock and customer returns.

Are your suppliers delivering in time?
Are you delivering on time to your customers?

The Sage 200 dashboards help you answer these business-critical questions!

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KPI Indicators
  • Customer Turnover
  • Top Customers
  • Outstanding Debt
  • Supplier Turnover
  • Supplier Invoices Overdue
  • Top Suppliers
  • VAT Year to Date
  • Budget vs Actuals and Variance
  • Cash in hand
  • Profit by period
  • Order and Return Values by Month
  • On-time despatches
  • Top 10 selling items
  • Sales Profit value by month
  • Order and Return Values by Month
  • On-time deliveries
  • 10 worst suppliers for late deliveries
  • Value of Stock
  • 10 items with the oldest stock
  • Items with the highest write-off value
  • Stocktake by warehouse              
Sage 200 KPI Indicators

Customer Account Details

The Sage 200 Sales Ledger keeps vital information about your customers at your finger tips. See where they are based using google maps, run statements and debt chasing letters via email. Set up customer alerts which pop-up when an order, quotation or sales enquiry is launched.

Manage foreign currency customers easily with automatic revaluation and exchange rates held per transaction. Drill down on sales transactions for detailed analysis and re-print invoices and credit notes with ease.

Quickly correct transactions and report on turnover, outstanding debt, top customers, days taken to pay and much more!

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Customer Account Details
  • Foreign Currency and GBP customer accounts
  • Credit Control Reports and analysis
  • Statements and debt-chasing letters
  • Up to 20 user definable Analysis Codes per customer account
  • Multiple contacts per customer and multiple document roles per contact
  • Multiple Invoice and Credit Note layouts
  • Attachments
  • Customer Alerts
  • Period End control
  • Detailed Reporting and Analysis
Customer Account Details Sage 200

Project Accounting

Sometimes better known as Job Costing or Contract Management, the Sage 200 Project Accounting module is a fully featured and rich environment to control all aspects of your Jobs or Projects.
Each Project can be split into separate phases or sub-projects, set up multiple project templates and integrate your project with Purchase Orders, Sale Orders, Quotations and Stock Control.

-Set up individual cost and revenue budgets per phase, cost items and by period.

-Control WIP postings to the Nominal Ledger.

-Use the Web Time and Expenses module to allow each user to enter their own timesheet and expenses via the web, and these can then be approved or rejected.

Link timesheets to Sage Payroll if required. Run sophisticated reports and enquires to show actuals vs budget, cost analysis, committed cost, profitability and sales, per project, period, customer or cost analysis item.

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Project Accounting
  • Project templates
  • WIP Control
  • Integration to other Sage 200 modules
  • Integration to Sage Payroll
  • Web Time and Expenses
  • Budget Control
  • Project invoices and billing
  • Detailed enquires and reports
Project Accounting Process Mapping

Stock Items Details

Sage 200 Stock Control allows you to manage all aspects of your stock and inventory requirements. It allows you to have multiple stock locations and bin numbers.

Control replenishment via the stock re-order reports and the POP generate orders function. Keep minimum and maximum stock levels per warehouse.

-Control serial and batch number traceability.

-Use the FIFO stock costing method to provide accurate stock valuations and Cost of Sales postings to the nominal ledger. Run item or customer profitability reports.

Perform stock take routines and complex Bill of Material processing. See live stock information with the use of Free Stock, Allocated Stock and Potential Stock levels, all handled automatically by Sage 200.

The stock control module provides a scalable solution wether your requirements are complicated or relatively simple. 

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Stock Item Details
  • Multiple Locations
  • Serial and Batch Number traceability
  • FIFO, Average, Standard or Actual Costing methods
  • Cross-Selling and Alternate items
  • Landed Costs
  • Stock Take routines
  • Valuation and retrospective valuation reports
  • Item, Product Group, Customer and Sales Profitability reports and enquires
  • Product Groups
  • Active / Inactive Items
  • Slow-moving stock analysis
  • Integrates with Sales and Purchase Order Processing and Bill of Materials
  • Integrates with Project Accounting
Stock Items Details Sage 200

Purchase Orders

Sage 200 Purchase Order Processing will provide impressive functionality to allow you to monitor your supply chain and replenish your products with ease. Generate Purchase Orders provides a facility that will suggest what you should re-order from your suppliers to replenish your stock levels and, at the same time, take into account any Sales Orders that are on awaiting stock to be made available.

Just press a button and all the required purchase orders will be generated automatically.

Purchase Order Processing also allows you to create many order approval rules and authorises, order and return accruals for goods received but not yet invoiced and record invoices against deliveries and orders.

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Purchase Orders
  • Order Approvals
  • Generate Purchase Orders
  • Order and Return Accruals
  • Purchase Order Notifications
  • Add Attachments to Orders
  • Purchase Requisitions via a web service
  • Purchase Returns to suppliers
  • Disputed Invoices
  • Back to Back orders
  • Link a Sales Order to a Purchase Order
  • Integrates with Stock Control and Sales Order Processing
Purcharse Orders in Sage 200

Unlock a new level of productivity and control

Sage 200 gives you unprecedented control of all your business’ key operations, empowering you to keep your edge and drive forward at pace.

Sage 200 for Manufacturing

Extra Modules

Choose different modules depending on what your business needs 

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Manage your accounts and customers, as well as manufacturing, supply chain, business intelligence, and more, on the go.

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Sage 200 ERP

for Manufacturing

Sage 200 enables you to analyse all aspects necessary to manage your manufacturing business, including inventory, past purchases, quotes, promotions, and conditions, helping you make better and informed strategic decisions reducing costs, identifying the best business opportunities and growing your business profitability.

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What Sage 200

Does for your business

Qmulus Solutions Sage Business Partner
Empower your decision-makers with easily accessible data.
Qmulus Solutions Sage Business Partner
Record and control all business processes within one solution
Qmulus Solutions Sage Business Partner
Improve the levels of collaboration and visibility across your supply chain.
Qmulus Solutions Sage Business Partner
Get a full insight into your inventory for better decision-making and demand forecasting.
Qmulus Solutions Sage Business Partner
Improve lead times and services via a secure data distribution feature.


Supercharge your business growth

Learn how business management software can help your business achieve results.

Sage 200


Your straightforward cloud-based accounts solution.

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  • ✓ Making Tax Digital compatible software
  • ✓ Control your business with core financial and stock management functions
  • ✓ Manage your business on the move through the cloud, connected to Microsoft 365
  • ✓ Build and access powerful data insights on the go, in the familiar environment of Excel
  • ✓ Reduce complexities with bank feeds
  • ✓ Update and delete records quickly with built-in reports, helping you with GDPR obligations
  • ✓ Online hosted data in the Sage Cloud

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Sage 200


All the power of Standard, plus customisable supercharged features.

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  • ✓ All the power of Standard, plus customisable supercharged features.
  • ✓ Built in functionality to help you meet GDPR obligations by enabling you to update and delete records easily. 
  • ✓ Combines the power of desktop with the freedom of the cloud, connected to Microsoft 365
  • ✓ Gain even more control with full inventory management including batch and serial traceability and replenishment
  • ✓ Use business intelligence and insights to propel your business forwards
  • ✓ Utilise the full range of Sage 200 addon's via the Sage ISV Marketplace
  • ✓ Configure and customise Sage 200 with optional modules for different industries to suit business needs
FAQs about Sage 200

What is the Difference Between Sage 50 and Sage 200?

There are many differences, but you can take a lot of comfort in knowing that Sage 200 has the same “look and feel” as Sage 50 and your users will quickly become familiar with the screens, menu layout and reports. Indeed, Sage 200 uses the same report designer as your Sage 50 system.

Sage 50 enables you to manage up to 1.5 million financial transactions with accessibility for 20 users. In contrast, Sage 200’s extremely adaptable and flexible functionality makes an excellent choice for larger SMEs or medium-sized firms, enabling as many as 50 desktop users (or 100 web users) and up to 9 million transactions thanks to the Microsoft SQL database.

An important aspect of moving systems is the transfer of your current data. As you might expect, your Sage 50 data can be migrated into the Sage 200 system quite easily. However, this is sometimes not the best solution and you might need to consider some of these points→

What are the Key Features of Sage 200?

✓  An Easy-to-Use Interface
Organising and Keeping Track of Your Documents
A Ledger-based Period Control System Providing Greater Flexibility
Availability of Including Feeds in the Bank Integration
✓ Consolidation Tool
A multi-tiered Accounting System
Administration of Warehouses and Barcodes
Control of Stock in Many Locations
Traceability of Batches and Serial Numbers
Consecutive Ordering
Availability of Multiple reliable third-party add-ons

In addition to a user-friendly Report Designer, Mobile Dashboards, and a Wide Selection of Excel Connectors, There are Other Reporting Alternatives (including export to Pivot tables & live links)

Can I Manage Multiple Companies in Sage 200?

Yes, Thanks to the intercompany module and the built in consolidation tool, you can create a more scalable financial function by automating and streamlining your group reporting.

Can I access Sage 200 Online from Home?

Sage 200 is available both on-premises and in the cloud, so you can pick the version that best suits your company’s needs. Learn more about Sage 200 in cloud→

Is Sage 200 Reporting Compatible with HRMC?

Yes. Sage 200 is compatible with HRMC requirements including on-line VAT submission and Making Tax Digital.

My employees do not understand Sage 200. How can I change it?

User training on any new ERP system is a wise investment and should be taken very seriously. Do not under-estimate how important training is. Why invest in a new system and not understand all its new features and functionality? Getting the correct training to the correct user will save money, time and make that user much more productive. Get in touch with our Sage 200 Consultant→