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Streamline personalised communication across all channels

Multichannel Marketing Management Platform 

Streamline personalised communication across all channels to boost lead generation and customer retention.

Product Features

Boost your sales and stay ahead of the competition!

Trigger Campaigns

Create efficient multichannel campaigns with Marketing Creatio. Plan campaigns using the simple visual campaign designer and define conditions for transitioning between campaign stages.

The system allows for the setting up of criteria for target conversion rates and campaign completion. It also offers tools to monitor campaign progress in real-time.

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Trigger Campaigns
  • Set up trigger emails based on lead behaviour
  • Segment audiences using smart filtering capabilities
  • Build up your communications with prospects
  • Stimulate your prospects’ interest
  • Automate lead nurturing campaigns
  • Build multichannel campaigns
  • Optimise marketing campaigns using analytical tools
  • Analyse campaigns by the number of generated leads and  conversions rates
Trigger Campaigns

Socio-demographic data

Obtain a complete view of your customers. Store various information about your customer that, include industry, company size, geography, noteworthy events, contacts’ career history, and many more in Marketing Creatio.

Get to know your customers better, understand their preferences and build efficient, personalised communications.

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Socio-Demographic Data
  • Track and Manage Customer Needs and Preferences
  • Track and Analyse Historical Customer Interactions
  • Automated Data Enrichment finding all Customer Information
  • Add weights to each parameter in a Customer Profile
  • Import Data straight from the Excel
  • Analyse and adjust customer Database            
Socio demographic data

Segment Builder

Segment your database and build data selections of any complexity. For a truly personalised approach, build custom target segments based on the data stored in the system, such as the history of orders and requests, responses, interests and needs.

You can use filters to create dynamic groups of accounts and contacts or create static groups manually.

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Targeted Segments
  • Target by History of orders and requests
  • Target by responses
  • Target by interests and needs
  • Add target audiences to bulk emails or events
  • Use quick filters to divide the audience by interest, role or other criteria
  • Create dynamic folders for audience segments
  • Create static folders and fill them manually
  • Build personalised campaigns for each segment.
  • Generate leads and hand off only warm prospects to sales
Segment Builder

Lead Management

A unified interface for lead management- The system not only helps track visitor behaviour on your website but also enables you to identify lead generation channels and sources.

All information is collected in the lead profiles and is also displayed in dashboard analytics.

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Lead Management
  • Check lead profile accuracy
  • Search for duplicate leads
  • Connect leads to relevant accounts
  • Enrich lead data with insightful intelligence
  • Search for similar leads in the system
  • Qualify Lead
  • Handoff to Sales
  • Record the history of communications
  • Apply end-to-end pipeline analysis
  • Use the dashboards to analyse leads in different dimensions, such as the number and quality of new leads, conversion rates, and most efficient lead generation channels.
Lead Management Creatio

Event Management

Use Marketing Creatio to plan and manage all events: promotions, advertising campaigns, conferences, webinars and other off- and on-line activities.

The system allows to track dates and locations, segment target audience based on required criteria, plan budget and assign team, as well as track responses connected to event.

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Event Management
  • Plan and manage all events
  • Manage event promotions, advertising campaigns
  • Plan conferences, webinars and other off- and on-line activities
  • Track dates and locations
  • Segment target audience
  • Plan budget and assign team
  • Track responses connected to the event

Event Management

Creatio recognised in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center. According to Gartner, 

The current reshaping of the CEC market is characteristic of the consolidation of the customer service technology market. CSS organizations must deliver consistent, effortless, intelligent and personalized customer service to their customers. The ability to orchestrate customer requests with assisted service, as well as with self-service, is the second of the four pillars of great customer service: Getting connected; Process orchestration; Resource management; Analytics and insights.

Calendar and Tasks

Productivity Tools

Plan out your projects, tasks and meetings.

Create personal or group tasks linked to contacts, opportunities or documents.


  • Calendar and Tasks
  • E-mail
  • Calls
  • Enterprise Social Network
  • Social-Media Integration
  • Dashboards
  • Knowledge Base     

Personalised e-mail campaign

Get endless communication opportunities with Marketing Creatio. Built-in integration with professional email service providers – Elastic and UniOne – allows for instantly sending emails to millions of recipients.

Extend the providers list with a cloud email service connector. The system will also help set up the exact sending time and easily track response and engagement rates.

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Personalised Marketing
  • Personalise your communications using Macros
  • Identify customer interests by analysing bulk email clicks
  • Leverage the click diagram
  • Identify the best time for communications
  • Use the click heat map to identify the most popular links in bulk emails
  • Create eye-catching email templates for your bulk email
  • Utilise ready-to-use templates and optimising for multiple devices and e-mail providers
  • Split-testing

E-mail maangement

Website Behaviour Tracking

Website behaviour tracking feature on your business site gathers information about pages visited, website paths, and time spent on the site. When registering, all the information in the visitor’s cookie files is sent to Marketing Creatio and added to a lead’s profile.

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Website Behaviour Tracking
  • Track visitor behaviour
  • Identify lead-generation channels and source
  • Display all information in dashboard analytics
  • Track lead sources
  • Integrate with Leadinfo for:
    -Real-time Lead Generation
    -Website Navigation Activity Tracking (Record Screen Navigation)
    -Automated SMART Triggers
    -Sales Collaboration Feature
    -Lead Scoring

One Platform to Manage it All!

Apply customer-related data from all touchpoints to develop a holistic view of your customer preferences and needs. Use a 360-customer view to build more targeted communications with clients.

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