Management of the technology stack for application provisioning

Remote Access to your software.

The simplest, quickest, and safest solution for deploying all business apps and data.


100% web-based access to on-premises environments

oneclick™ provides straightforward and secure remote access to an existing on-premises environment.

Automated deployment of indvidual cloud desktops

The platform gives you access to well-known IaaS providers’ data centres, allowing you to deploy and securely deliver various types and sizes of virtual machines with the required operating system to distributed users in real-time.

Automated deployment of individual cloud desktops

Who can have access?

Any employee in your business can access any application configured in oneclick™. New employees can be equipped with a workspace in just a few minutes, while access rights can be deleted or modified immediately if employees leave the company or change roles.

Who can access software

This is how simple oneclick™ works

Access your on-premises environments without installing additional software components or plug-ins on servers or devices!

Direct connection to existing infrastructure or provision of the new resources
Flexibly on- and offboard infrastructure, applications, external storage and users
Streaming all web apps, native applications, desktops and data into a browser

The Key Benefits

Using oneclick™ you can deploy and manage your applications to any of your employees on any device simply via a web browser.

Easy consumption of all components via the Workspace
Easy consumption of all components via the Workspace
Native integration of cloud providers, i.e.
Direct start with cloud desktops and RDSH
Multi-client capability
No upfront investment necessary
Direct purchase of third-party software
Uniform invoicing of all components purchased via oneclick™
Workspace Usage Analytics
Whitelabel possible

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